Some of you may be asking questions about the usefulness of wearables in ministry. Hopefully after reading this post, you will have some answers!

Smart Watches – the Best Wearables for Ministry

These are the most common wearables I think. This category is often the most visible, and invisible at the same time. You can immediately tell if someone is wearing a watch or not just by looking, but you cannot tell exactly how smart the watch is (unless you are a smart watch junkie).

fitbit blaze wearable

I’ve had a fitbit Blaze for about a year and a half now. I really like it because it works like a watch that has a few extra features. I like that I can be running sound, or talking to someone in a hallway and feel the notification buzz on my wrist. Then I can quickly glance at my wrist to see if it is something important. I really like that I can limit what notifications make it to my wrist so that only the most important things will appear there. I cannot respond from my watch. But, I really don’t need to do that. I find people are generally OK if I say, “Oh that’s my wife I need to go,” or “The internet just went down in the children’s area,” and then leave the conversation. It just seems more natural to glance at my watch rather than looking at my phone the whole time I’m talking with people.

The obvious bonus with smart watches is that they track heart rate, exercise, etc. The heart rate tracking has proved useful for me on a daily basis because I deal with anxiety issues. I can tell if I’m just feeling a little off, or if I’m headed toward an actual anxiety issue simply by glancing down at my wrist and noting what my heart rate is. I use the watch to compete against other ministry friends to get the most steps each week, or most days of exercise, or whatever too. So in that way it motivates me to take care of the body God has given me.

Smart Eyewear – the future of Wearables and Ministry

I’ve never used any of these systems, but I can imagine they would be pretty cool. Few people could afford them on a minister’s income though. This category has been made famous by the Google Glass, that never saw great adoption among consumers.

smart glasses wearables
I really think these things will become the standard smart device in the future, but the technology isn’t quite “there” yet. The possibilities are endless with these things. Imagine walking into a room and when anyone smiles and says “Hi” you get a facebook, or LinkedIn profile that pops up next to them! My wife thinks these things will be the end of civilization, but I’m really excited about the possibilities. For ministry it would be great to always be able to remember names, volunteer positions, etc., in conversation.

Healthware – Moderate use of Wearables in Ministry

These are devices whose primary objective is to monitor your health. They may not be something you would wear all day every day, but instead they are often a one trick pony that does one thing well.blood pressure wearablesI use a nokia health blood pressure monitor at home. I’ll be honest I only bought this because I had insurance money to replace a blood pressure monitor that I barely ever used. I actually use this new one a few times a week. It records my blood pressure and heart rate. After knowing my baseline heart rate and blood pressure, the measurements from this device give me insight into how stressed I’m feeling.weight scale wearablesI’m lazy, but I even I can stand on a scale at least once a week. This connected scale from fitbit records my weight to the fitbit app. It recognizes me, and my wife. We just step on it and it records the proper weight and body fat percentage to our respective fitbit accounts automatically. It can even tell who is stepping on it, which is weird. This sort of wearable helps those in ministry by keeping tabs on your health between doctor visits.

Smart Clothing – An Impractical Wearable for Ministry

I really cannot find any uses for smart clothing at the moment. But I did find a really awesome sounding jacket! These shoes can generate electricity to charge your devices by walking. But none of those things would really impact my day right now.


So there you have it. Those are the major categories of wearables and ways to use them in ministry. I hope this post has been entertaining and helpful! If you have a question or comment leave them below or send me a message on twitter: @justinallison16.

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