Yep, that’s a picture of a house fire. Yep, that’s my house. I’m mad thinking about it. Everyone is safe. But, I mean there was a fire IN MY HOUSE!! Luckily I had made some choices that have helped me get through this without as many bad consequences as there might have fire

House Fire Plan

First, we had an emergency plan. Stop reading this and make one right now. Know what you will do in the event of an emergency in your home/office/whatever. We got the family (including the dog) and got out with the cars in a hurry.

Second, we had insurance. You’re a grown up. Get insurance on your stuff. Don’t make people take pity on you when they find out that you were so un-adult that you didn’t have insurance. All my stuff is covered. Stuff can be replaced. Lots of my stuff WILL BE replaced. I mean like every single thing that was plugged into the wall when the lightning strike hit and started a fire. Air conditioner – replaced. Fridge – replaced. Computer – replaced. Hard drive with family photos/videos – see below.

Third, we had a digital backup service. Think of this as insurance on your digital memories. Have you ever known someone who accidentally deleted all their iphone pics when updating iOS? I have. It’s an emotional time. When the fire raged above my computer, it didn’t bother me. All my digital stuff was backed up with Carbonite. Lots of good backup services are out there, I just chose Carbonite a long time ago, so I’ve stuck with ‘em. I have like 450GB of stuff backed up. When I get a new home computer I’ll just download the stuff back to that one.

Fourth, we had a support network. Make friends people! I’m not talking about knowing the names of other parents on your kids sports teams. I mean people that you can count on when you have a house fire. I mean people who will invite your kids over on Friday and Saturday because they know you’re stuck in a hotel all week. I mean family nearby who will let you crash at their place when you feel like letting the kids (and dog) play outside. These sorts of relationships are important! (Jesus Juke coming)

Think of what Jesus told those people who came up to him and said “come and see your mom.” He said, “These people here are my family.” I’ve made real connections and friendships with people through my church at almost every point in life. The people that serve Jesus alongside of you will be happy to help you when things get tough. Find a place to get plugged in, or as we say at Greenwood: #EveryOneServes


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