My Greek resource list includes items that I use frequently. These may not be the items that I would use if writing a professional paper. Instead they are the actual things that I use. Anyway, here we go.



greek resource list image 11. This is my favorite Greek resource. I use this one daily for my Bible reading. I take notes in it too. This is basically where I do my devotional reading, and jot down ideas for messages etc. I’ve found that by utilizing the Bible this way, I have a really useful teaching and preaching resource that is always ready to go

greek resource list image 2
2. My favorite Greek Lexicon. Just like my favorite Hebrew Lexicon, I have this one in both digital and print format (Hebrew Resource List). This is pretty much the standard in the field so you should certainly use it enough to get your money’s worth.

3. I like to use Greek flashcards a couple of times per week. You can use this one on your iphone to do Mounce’s flashcards for each chapter, or this Logos one. Personally I keep coming back to Gflash, since it has tons of free sets and I can build custom sets too. I also like that I can use one app for all of my different language resources.

4. This online Greek Text by SBL press is one of my favorites too. It is also free!! It’s pretty helpful for when I want to drag a section of text into a word document and create a quick clause by clause diagram of the text. Then I can type some notes into the document, and create a quick custom commentary to send out to small group leaders or friends.

I must admit that New Testament was only my minor area in my doctoral studies, so I didn’t emphasize it quite as much as the OT. I’m sure that shows in my choices in this Greek Resource List, so if you have any recommendations please share them with me!


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