hosea commentaryIt’s hard to really review a Hosea commentary, or any commentary on a biblical book. A commentary represents a monumental work, and Lim and Castelo have done good work.


This book is the joint product of Bo Lim and Daniel Castelo. Lim is associate professor of Old Testament at Seattle Pacific University and Seminary. Castelo is associate professor of dogmatic and constructive theology at Seattle Pacific University and Seminary. Lim wrote the majority of the commentary, including all of the exegetical remarks. Castelo provided three theological essays that deal with topics found in the book of Hosea. This commentary is a part of The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary series. This volume, like the series, addresses a biblical book from both an exegetical and theological horizon.

Review of Hosea Commentary by Lim and Castelo

This book contains theological essays and a theological introduction by Castelo, and also exegetical discussion by Lim. For ministers this commentary will be helpful for creating sermons, and bible studies for a couple of reasons.

First, the book’s sections written by Lim will be helpful for understanding the text of Hosea. Hosea includes a fair amount of symbolism, all of which Lim discusses. Furthermore, Lim deals a lot with inter-textual connections and how Hosea fits in with the larger story of the Minor Prophets, and also the whole canon of the OT. These discussions are quite helpful for understanding the text of Hosea. It should be noted that this Hosea commentary is not a dry historical description, but focused on the meaning of the text.

Then, the sections by Castelo are helpful for understanding the theological horizon of the book of Hosea. These topical essays deal with themes from the book of Hosea, and would likely be helpful in bolstering a theological point in a sermon. If nothing else, they can be helpful for teaching bible studies where deeper questions are likely to crop up.


In spite of its unevenness this book contains very valuable exegetical comments on the text of Hosea, as well as three well written theological essays. This Hosea commentary is not overly technical, but does employ scholarly research frequently. In this manner, pastors and early seminary students will benefit from the thoughtful comments in this work. This book can be recommended to anyone with an interest in reading the book of Hosea through the hermeneutical lens of the wider context of the twelve minor prophets as one collection, and as a part of the canon. You can pick up this book by clicking on my affiliate link (remember it doesn’t cost you anything but it really helps me!).

My academic review of this book will be published in a few months by the Southwestern Journal of Theology, and the link will be included once the review is published.


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