My favorite Hebrew resources are items that I use frequently. These may not be the items that I would use if writing a professional paper. Instead they are the actual things that I use. Anyway, here we go.

1. This is my favorite Hebrew resource. I use this one daily for my Bible reading. I take notes in it too. This is basically where I do my devotional reading, and jot down ideas for messages etc. I’ve found that by utilizing the Bible this way, I have a really useful teaching and preaching resource that is always ready to go.

2. I honestly didn’t realize how expensive this one resource is. I guess that’s because I use it so much. I have both the digital and hard-cover versions. Honestly I use the digital version through logos (on my phone) more than I use the paper version. I usually keep this thing open in my phone while reading the Bible I mentioned above.

3. I use this Hebrew vocab app to work on my vocabulary at least 2x per week. I like it because I can create custom flash card sets, and even download pre-made sets that are free. It’s a pretty valuable (and yet free) Hebrew resource.

Those are Hebrew resources that i use most frequently. I also use a few other ones when I’m really digging into a passage of scripture. I’ve decided to include those below as a sort of “bonus.”


1. When I’m teaching Hebrew (like the summer of 2016) I utilize these Hebrew resources frequently… A site called, provides helpful lessons that correspond to the Ross Hebrew Grammar. In conjunction with that book, I suggest using this answer key site, since the book does not contain an answer key. Anyone who wants to learn Biblical Hebrew could benefit from these resources.

2. When I’m doing work in the Minor Prophets, I utilize this particular version of the Hebrew text. I like the textual commentary that the version provides, and the large font. If you utilize Hebrew in sermon prep, or you are a seminary student, you really should look into these BHQ fascicles.

3. I also use Bibleworks when I’m doing textual work (at the professional level). I like the ability to do complex searches in the text, making it a valuable Hebrew Resource. Most people won’t need this resource, but for Seminary Students I would recommend it.

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