These are apps that I use on a desktop or laptop nearly every day. These are all available on both Mac and PC, so no need to worry – you can use them today!

  1. Google Drive/Dropbox – I actually use both of these, even though they are pretty close to the same thing. Both allow you to sync files across multiple computers if you want, or access files from a web browser. I use Google Drive for my written stuff, because I can utilize the “docs” part of it in a browser and write anywhere. I use Dropbox to sync media files for church primarily. Any artwork or videos that my team creates have a spot in Dropbox so that it stays synchronized across several machines and we won’t lose it. Both of these are desktop apps I use everyday and could not imagine going without.
  2. Logos Bible Browser. I use this one at home mainly. I know it is pricey but I have it from my student days. I’ve got like a thousand books on it, so I use it for reading those on devices as well.
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud. We use the adobe suite at church. We actually have three accounts so that interns have access to it also. This is how we design any print or video content at church. It is expensive. We actually produce videos in house, so it is very useful for us. Many of you who do not do video stuff could still do the photoshop monthly cost of like 10 bucks and get a great piece of software for design. While I also use the mobile versions often, I’d still call these desktop apps I use everyday.
  4. Spotify. Not only do we use it to get to know the music for Sunday, but we use it to create playlists for the website. I also use it to listen to motivating music while I work.
  5. Planning Center. I am reliant upon Planning Center People for finding out church people’s contact info. I also personally use it to manage small groups. We use (and I’m in charge of) several other pieces of Planning Center Software and it all integrates together nicely. The cool thing is that it is priced on how large your congregation is. So, if you are a small church you pay much less than a large church.

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