Each Year I make a list of goals for that year. This year I accomplished most of my 2016 Goals. I’ll list them below and give a quick description.

  1. I Graduated with my Ph.D. in Old Testament. This one has been on the yearly goal list for a couple of years. 2016 was the year. I turned in my dissertation (Two Instances of Allusion to the Torah in Zechariah 9-10) in January 2016. I defended my dissertation in April, and graduated in May.
  2. I baptized 10 people. I’m the backup baptizer at my church. I had never made a goal in this area before, so I just picked a number. It just so happened that I was given the opportunity to baptize some people when the normal guy was out of town, and there were 4 one week and 3 the next. Next year, I’ll aim higher.
  3. I wrote 4 Book Reviews to be published. I wanted to maintain a level of contribution to academics. While teaching a few classes in 2016, I also wanted to publish book reviews. I was able to do that by maintaining a rigourous reading schedule.
  4. I did NOT read 40 books. I only read about 30 books for the year. This was not counting books that were read for classes I taught, though so I came pretty close. I’m pretty sure next year I can make 40 books.
  5. I made 20 new ministry contacts. This one was difficult because of my slightly introverted personality. I would not have achieved this one if not for joining a local Small Group Huddle, a meetup for Small Group Pastors.
  6. I did not make 10 new academic contacts. I had planned to go to ETS, and SBL to achieve these goals, but I was unable to do that this year.
  7. I did improve as a teacher. I worked weekly on reading and implementing some sort of teaching advice.
  8. I created teaching notes through Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi. I taught a course at SWBTS during the fall of 2015, so in 2016 I revised my notes to try and create something more usable for others.
  9. I went to Haiti in January. This was something I knew I would do, but it would also accomplish a goal of mine to be involved in missions.
  10. I welcomed more than 5 families to our church. I had membership conversations with about 12 different families this year. I consider these families to be people that I need to try and connect to a small group. Many of them are connected to a group! I really had no idea how difficult or easy this one would be, and it proved to be easier than I thought.
  11. I did start 2 new Small Groups. Not really much to elaborate on here.
  12. Lost weight down to under 200lbs. As of the time of this writing I weigh 198. I was about 220 at the beginning of 2016.
  13. I did not run a 5k race. I had this as a fitness goal for the year. I probably could have achieved this if not for a medication issue during Sept/Oct that prevented me from doing much of anything extra. I have run 3mi a few times, and plan to do a 5k race next year.

Those were my goals in 2016 that I’m willing to share. I’m interested to learn how you all did in achieving your goals this year, so let me know in the comments below!

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