desktop apps i use everyday

These are apps that I use on a desktop or laptop nearly every day. These are all available on both Mac and PC, so no need to worry – you can use them today! Google Drive/Dropbox – I actually use both of these, even though they are pretty close to the same thing. Both allow… Read More

            This book does not contain footnotes, but it does contain a bibliography at the end which is fairly extensive. It reads much like an introduction to the prophets. The book contains summaries of each prophet, or section of the book (in the case of Isaiah, three sections). The book… Read More


Each Year I make a list of goals for that year. This year I accomplished most of my 2016 Goals. I’ll list them below and give a quick description. I Graduated with my Ph.D. in Old Testament. This one has been on the yearly goal list for a couple of years. 2016 was the year.… Read More