3 small group pastor distractionsEach week faces us with new challenges to handle, yet I continually see 3 Small Group Pastor Distractions crop up. These certainly aren’t the only three. You probably see some other ones. Please add them to the comments below!


The 3 Small Group Pastor Distractions I See

#1 – Endless Curriculum Choices. You’ve probably had an experience like mine. I sat down to pick out a few Bible studies to do for the next quarter or two. I picked up a few samples and catalogs off my shelf. Then I looked at a few websites. Next I looked at a different catalog. That reminded me of another website, and then it was lunch time. I’d looked at 30 something choices without making my mind up. I needed to just pick one or two and get on with it.

#2 – Reading Strategy Books. On the Strengths Finder assessment I’m a Learner as my #2 strength. Sure, that can be a good thing. Strategic is my #3 strength. That can also be a good thing. But when I find a few new books about small group strategy, it’s like someone just shined the bat signal. I will read for hours (sometimes four hours). After all those hours, I still haven’t decided on a strategy. I’ve learned I am best served by reading one of these types of books a month. Otherwise, I spend too much time in theory mode and not enough time in the real world doing work.

#3 – Being Busy with Stuff Outside of Small Groups. I have a family, and you probably do too. That means stuff comes up. Kids have sports games, dance recitals, etc. Those can take time. I also overcommit to stuff. Good stuff. Library board, teaching, coaching, etc. But those things take time from Small Groups. This fall I’ve scaled back my extra stuff to prioritize what really matters. Let me add a caveat though – when I’m involved in those other things, I can make connections with lost people quite easily because I’m around them frequently. Finding a balance between the two is what is important. It’s finding your basic sweet spot of work-life balance. I’ve also noticed that this sweet spot isn’t the same for everyone, so you need to find one that works for you and your family.


I was recently listening to a podcast and heard the person say, “We always hold work and family life in tension – there is rarely a balance.” I really agree with that statement. Sometimes the tension between the two leans more one way than the other. In the same way, these 3 Small Group Pastor Distractions are things that we should do. We just don’t need to spend all of our time on them. We need to hold them in tension.

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