I want to share with you how I use an intern. You’ve probably wished that you had more help at whatever you do. Even if you don’t handle church media stuff, you can still take some things away from this message.

How I Got an Intern

Someone asked me today, “how did you get an intern?” The simple answer is that my Pastor told me in a staff meeting to go hire X as my intern to take some of the load off of me. While you might have been excited, I was frustrated at first. You see, I felt like that meant that I wasn’t handling my job properly. What it really meant was that I was given an opportunity to develop someone else, and to spend more time on the things that I really valued.

How I Use an Intern

I recommend having some main job that your intern does on a weekly basis. For me, (how I use an intern) he handles video announcements. I was spending almost 4 hrs a week on video announcements that would be shown briefly in our worship services. Not a good use of a full-time employee’s time. When using an intern it is cost effective. It is also a chance for him to learn to use the Adobe Creative Cloud. This internship has a stated goal of him being responsible for creating good video content for us, and learning Adobe Creative Cloud. That helps us, and it gives him some experience and knowledge that will benefit him down the road. It’s a simple 10hr a week gig, but it benefits everyone.

How I Manage my Intern

I meet weekly with my intern to remind him of his goals for the week, and the importance of those goals. I also take time to share what I’m working on, and see if he has any input on my stuff (sometimes he does!). Aside from meeting weekly for about 20min, we use wunderlist to keep track of tasks that need to be done. I have the pro subscription so I can assign him stuff, and see when he completes it.


I spend about an hour each week showing my intern some aspect of my job that he hasn’t seen. Then I slowly add responsibilities to his weekly to-do list. I know I haven’t found his ceiling yet, and he’s been with me for a couple of months now. I’m excited to see how God uses him to make a difference in our church.

How Do I Know My Intern Is Valuable?

He went on a mission trip this past week, so I had to handle his responsibilities along with my stuff. I’ll be honest, it was a beating. I didn’t realize how much of the load he had begun to shoulder in the past couple of months. It was great to see that he really does help me, and that he does valuable work.

When will the internship end?

I have a problem here. There was no clearly stated ending point when we hired the guy. Through conversations we’ve talked about it ending when one of the following occurs: 1) he stops performing well, 2) he takes a position with another organization, 3) he takes my position and I move to something else. I’m probably missing some other possibilities too. Of the three I listed, I think number 2 is the most likely reason the internship will end.


There you go, that’s how I use an intern. I know I’m not the authority on the subject, so I’m interested to know what you think. How do you use an intern? What would you do differently? Please leave a comment and let me know. You can also get other ideas for using an intern here.

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