I want to share 10 podcasts I enjoy with you. First, I think I should tell you why I listen to them, and why you should too. Podcasts are a great way to redeem some of the time that I spend in the car. I’m sure you spend time commuting, or maybe just waiting for services to be finished. That time adds up, and can be used for development and growth. Now, as a caveat I also want to say that podcasts should not take the place of time in God’s word or prayer. Having said that, here are some of the podcasts I listen to, and why I subscribe to them.



  1. 5 Leadership Questions Podcast – This one is done by the Lifeway Leadership Team. They usually interview well-known, or accomplished leaders and ask them the same 5 questions. Sometimes they address 5 questions on a given topic. I’m usually blown away. Usually 35min episodes.
  2. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast – Carey talks with other leaders for about an hour. Its conversational and natural. I like to listen to these when I have a long drive, or a yard to mow.
  3. The Ask Darrel Podcast – Darrel Girardier spends about 10-15min addressing an issue in church media. The topics vary, and he stays practical. I like to listen to these, and forward them to my team for training purposes.
  4. Groups Matter Podcast – Small Groups are also my responsibility at Greenwood. I really enjoy the practical advice this podcast gives me for developing group leaders. It also challenges me to try some new ideas that others have done successfully. These usually last about 40min.
  5. Pro Church Podcast – Brady Shearer does a great job of tackling practical media issues in each episode. These usually last about 45min. I really enjoy the practical, technical, sort of episodes that he does. He’s also a gifted interviewer.
  6. Rainer On Leadership – This one is not so much General Leadership as it is practical information for church staff members. Episodes rarely go over 20min, and they are always very practical. He has a reputation for research, and that shows in his podcast.
  7. The Science of Social Media – Buffer (the app) has started a podcast that I’ve begun to enjoy. So far episodes are about 15-20min. Time will tell on this one. Not a church/Christian podcast.
  8. Revisionist History – Malcom Gladwell does a podcast every week or so that takes a situation in history that was reported one way, but later that was discovered to not be the case; or that was not impactful even when people thought it would be. This one is a fun reminder that the reporting of history depends on one’s perspective. It keeps me mindful that God doesn’t care about the way things appear externally, but about obedience. This is not a church/Christian podcast, and the episodes are about 40min.
  9. The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn does a great job of interviewing digital entrepreneurs or digital marketers and discerning principles that make them successful. I enjoy the podcast because it generates ideas for me, more than anything. Not a believer to my knowledge, and episodes are about 40min.
  10. Your/My Church’s Podcast – I think we should subscribe to our own church’s podcast for a couple of reasons. First, I’m in charge of it, so I need to run Quality Control on it too. Second, I’m aware of issues as soon as they happen. Third, I can stay in the loop even on vacation!!


I’m always looking for a Podcast to check out, so if you know of one that I should give a listen, let me know! Feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me directly. I’d love to connect via Twitter or Instagram at the links below!

2 comments on “10 Podcasts I Learn From Almost Every Time

  • Great list Justin!

    The Fall of Rome Podcast
    –starts off a little slow, but is pretty good
    Dan Carlins Hardcore History
    –great for a road trip…long episodes (prophets of doom is a good one to start with)
    Theology Unplugged
    –great in-depth info….in an informal format for us regular guys

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