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Are You Worried You Aren’t Smart Enough?

I often get side-tracked from my identity in Christ and start comparing my intelligence to that of others. Bad Idea. Well this book, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, gives several reasons why IQ (a “smart” measurement) isn’t the best indicator of success. As believers we know that obedience to Christ is more important than even success. But it turns out just being able to make that statement is a sign of emotional intelligence. Here’s what I mean…


This book argues that a person’s IQ (smarts) is only one indicator of their abilities. We all know smart people who make weird choices, and less than smart people who end up with great responsibilities. Daniel Goleman argues that the reason for that reality is what he calls emotional intelligence.

His book is divided into five parts that give the reader an understanding of one aspect of emotional intelligence. Part one deals with neurobiology. Part two gives stories illustrating aspects of emotions over-riding intellect. Part three through five give some how-to sort of advice for gaining and applying emotional intelligence. It’s in those final three parts that Goleman suggests that emotional intelligence is not a genetic trait, but one that is learned in a family unit or community.

The Payoff

To me, that last statement is an indictment upon American Society in the early 21st century. Many of the obvious problems that have occurred in the past few years appear to be issues with people handling emotions. If Goleman is correct, then the underlying cause is a breakdown in training in the family unit and community.

This is where I think we have hope as believers. If Christ can change lives (and I think he can), then we can pray for families to be changed, and develop ways to train parents in raising their children to have emotional intelligence. I’m actually suggesting that we teach our children proverbs from the Bible! The biblical wisdom tradition addresses many of these underlying emotional training issues. I’d love to hear how you, or your church trains people in ways that would make an impact on their emotional intelligence or emotional health.

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