This week I wanted to share my review of a book that I think will be helpful for your ministry and development. The book is called Strengths Finder 2.0 and is written by Tom Rath, who made use of a research team for the many hours of research that went into the book. As you have probably guessed this book is an update of the first Strengths Finder book.

What’s the Main Idea of Strenghts Finder 2.0?

The whole idea behind this book is that there are certain things that you are especially strong at, and other things where you aren’t as strong. The idea is that you should work to develop your strengths instead of trying to address your weaknesses. Everyone has plenty of weaknesses, but you can add value to a team, organization, or ministry based upon your strengths – so you should work to develop those. To find out your strengths you take a web-based test on the Strengths Finder website. According to the test, my top 5 are: Achievement, Strategy, Learner, Analytical, and Focus. Not knowing what they really meant by those words, I was surprised to read the descriptions of each individual strength and see how well they described me.

I’ll review how the book works by describing my experience with it. For example, Achievement means that you are driven to achieve. You can think of it as a driven sort of person. That’s me! Now here’s the important part, this knowledge has helped me realize that others are not like that. In other words, you are probably less driven to achieve things than I am. When I play a video game with my kids I get disappointed if my time on a race doesn’t rank in the top 100 worldwide. You probably don’t have that issue.

My Findings in Strengths Finder 2.0

Strategy in my case means that I’m constantly planning how to achieve certain goals. I’m constantly looking at things as a series of steps, and then breaking each step down into smaller steps. Many people don’t think that way. I can get too focused on strategy and miss out on the human side of the equation.

The Learner portion of my strength comes out in my drive to learn everything about anything I come into contact with. If I’m buying lawn fertilizer, I want to know what’s in it, and why. I can’t sleep at night because of my desire to learn everything there is to know about an issue.

I’m analytical in that I suspend judgment about an idea, issue, or strategy until I have a complete understanding about all the sides of the issue. Analytical people can usually look at a problem and see many causes, not just the easiest one to fix. Obviously the flaw here is that you can get discouraged when you don’t have enough information, or when you are unhappy with the options that your analysis brings forth.

Finally, I have Focus as a strength. I get lost in projects, and ideas. I can literally spend an entire afternoon-evening reading a dense book without getting bored. Once again though, this strength brings with it the weakness of forgetting about people.

The book does a great job of convincing the reader that you should work to develop your strengths rather than your weaknesses. It’s basically a full-length explanation of the old adage: “Jack of all trades and master of none.” The book and the test try to show you where you are strong, so that you can further develop those strengths. I think this is a useful resource for ministers, teachers, and business leaders. This is the kind of book that will help you better understand yourself, so that you can be a better version of you.

Where to Buy Strengths Finder 2.0

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, please use my affilate link here. It won’t cost you any extra and it will help me feed my 3 kids!

You can find out more about strengths finder here.

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