I use social media in several ways to do ministry. Primarily I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll probably take the dive into SnapChat soon, but haven’t as of this writing.

Twitter. This is my personal way of connecting with people. Who do I try to find? People I would like to meet in my field, and people who I would like to help learn my field. For me, that means I try to connect with other Small Group pastors and other Church Tech/Communications people. This use is a must for ministry! I also try to connect with Seminary and Bible College students. How do I use it? I use twitter in several ways. I like to use Twitter to tweet quotes from things that I’m reading. I have sent private messages to others to ask how they solve certain problems (like an online small group, true story). I also use it to share links to things I’ve read that I think others would find useful. Finally, I use Twitter to share my own content that I hope will help people.

Facebook. I know people act like they are tired of facebook, but the stats don’t lie – people use it more than anything else. So, I use Facebook personally, and manage my church’s page. I use facebook personally as a way to connect online with my real-life friends. For me, that means if I don’t know you – I’m not facebook friends with you. Not everyone feels this way, but that’s my preference. The church page I manage has to communicate on behalf of the church. We broadcast bible verses and sermon quotes plus some content about growing in faith. We also broadcast info about events. I try to contribute more useful content than I do event info. I also ask people to share the event info – and they do! I use an app called buffer to schedule all of my twitter, facebook and facebook groups posts.

Instagram. The numbers say that as of Summer 2016, Instagram is shrinking. Even so, I like to share quirky things on instagram. My sense of humor comes through in the strange things I share, or the funny things I share. For me, I really don’t care how many people follow me on instagram, its purely fun. I also have a church instagram account that I schedule with a service called grum. I tend to share sermon quotes, and event info that people under 30 would be interested in. Yes, I’m specific about the age group targeting on instagram. I won’t be putting Sr. Adult ministry stuff on the church’s instagram page. The are not the ministry target of my instagram social media posts.

That’s about it! You now know my secrets to using social media in ministry. I’m sure that other people do things differently. Perhaps you have a better idea! I would love for you to leave a comment about how your method is similar or different. The reason I blog here is so that we can all be better stewards of the digital resources that God has entrusted us with on this earth.

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