I want to talk about a great to help you master Greek called mastergreek.com. This is not another carbon copy Greek tool for memorizing vocabulary. This is something completely different that will work alongside those apps to help you master Greek.

What is Master Greek?

A friend of mine has a site called MasterGreek.com that I think will really help any student, or professional hoping to sharpen their Greek skills. This is a responsive website. That means that it will automatically scale to a nice look on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You can view it anywhere and it makes a great companion to flash-cards.

How does Master Greek work?

This site is not intended to replace some sort of vocabulary flash-card system. Rather, its purpose is to help you recognize forms and parse Greek words correctly. It allows you to practice on nouns, pronouns, the article, adjectives, verbs, participles, and infinitives. All you do is select a category, like “the article,” and then a subcategory, like “all.” Next, you click “let’s parse!” and you are off on a practice set of about 20 different items.

The word is displayed in the top heading bar (honestly that was confusing at first, but I got past it). You select options about the Case/Number/Gender (for the article), and then select “check answer.” If you get stuck, you can always click on the “just tell me” button.

Price and Effectiveness

The site seems to accomplish its purpose of providing a free way to improve one’s Koine Greek parsing. It appears to be supported by affiliate links to books on Amazon that Dr. Hoskins recommends. He also lists the textbooks that he will be using in his upcoming classes so that students can purchase them, and other professionals can compare their choice of books to his. I found this a very clean-designed and functional site that does just what it says!


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