A Bibliography of the Old Testament often appears at the end of a syllabus. Those things tend to be lengthy, and point you to really thick books. As a guy who likes to read that stuff, I think those lists have their place Рbut that place is not the internet.

Why a Digital Bibliography of the Old Testament?

I really think that in 25 years or less most of our study (whether academic or otherwise) will be done digitally. That supposition, along with the Marshall McLuhan idea of “the medium is the message” has driven me to conclude that the way in which biblical scholars (like myself) create and present material to regular people needs to change drastically. It’s not just about the medium – recreating a bibliography list on a web-page is not what you want or need. If I were to include hyperlinks to the book on Amazon, and a link to the author’s academia.edu page that would be helpful, but it would still ultimately fail you – the reader/user.

A 21st Century Resource List

I think that a true digital bibliography of the Old Testament will be one that has well-designed presentation of elements that link to resources that are formatted especially for the web. Those resources may be video, graphical, audio, or even written – but they must be a web-first sort of resource. I’ve begun to create just such a resource list on this very website. However, I still have to link to some print-first materials because there are a lack of high-quality materials to cover all the basics.

Future Goals of Bibliography of Old Testament

I hope to create some of these digital web-first resources that I’m talking about myself and post them here on my bibliography list that I call a portal. However, I’m also looking for other resources that are high-quality so that we can build a place where students and pastors can quickly find helpful resources, many of which will be low-cost/free.


Keep watching for continued updates to my Bible Study Portal.


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