Today I’d like to talk about Easter Technology. This past Easter Sunday (well really the weekend) at Greenwood, we made use of several technological tools. That’s what I’d really like to talk about here.

Facebook Ads

We set up a facebook ad that was an image of an excited crowd during worship with the text “This could be you on Easter.” If they clicked on the picture/link it took them to a landing page on our website describing our Easter Weekend Events Schedule. We had almost 7k views of our ad, and over 300 clicks through to the website. These were people in nearby zip codes that we targeted as friends of people who liked our page. I spent about $60.


We use to do mass texts for our church. We usually keep it to one per week, but for Easter we sent daily updates and reminders about outreaches (we had 4 outreaches). This meant about 100 people were “very” in the loop. Also, nobody complained about getting extra information. Price = Free.

Instagram Ads

We ran an instagram ad, and it didn’t do well at all. Fail. I wasted about $25.

Video Cameras/Digital Audio Recording

I have a couple of volunteers who know how to use video equipment so we captured a good amount of footage from outreaches, music, and preaching times. We also recorded a 32 channel session of 2 worship services so that we could mix the music for later use on the web. In the future I’ll include a link for the video that we are still producing. The video is going to be a visual story of what Easter was like at Greenwood, and what the result was. Of course we recorded the sermon for use in our weekly podcast. Price = Free if you already have the equipment.

Social Strategy

I had pre-planned and pre-scheduled all of my posts on the church’s social media accounts (and mine) for the two weeks prior to Easter so that everything was about Easter. I use Buffer to schedule facebook for the church page (and church groups). It costs $50 per year for non-profits. Then, I use Grum to schedule Instagram posts for Greenwood. It costs $10 per month for each account (I can only afford to do one account on it).

Digital Pictures

We had 1 person taking pictures to use on Facebook/Instagram. I will invest more in this area next year for sure. These sort of posts do really well on social media because they are highly “shareable” since you can tag friends, etc. Price = Free (most people have a phone with a camera on it, but we used a DSLR)


We usually have about 600 adults/children attend on a weekend. For Easter we had 993. That represents a 65% increase. The amazing news is that 40 people prayed to make Jesus their Lord!! Now, I am certain that these results had a lot to do with prayer, and God’s Spirit. However, I highly recommend employing some of these strategies to reach people for Jesus in your community. While it isn’t “hard” it does take some strategic thinking.

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