I was recently asked how to effectively communicate (digitally) to a medium sized group. Every now and then someone will ask me a question that I actually feel like I can answer, like effectively communicating to a medium group. Let me start with describing why I’ve labelled this a medium sized group question. I majored in communications studies in my undergrad. We talked about small groups as containing 7-25 members. Medium groups were about 25-100. Large groups were more than that. The reason is the level of interaction between the group members changes at those different points.

The Problem

A pastor recently asked me for help on the following: “What I like to do on a daily basis is send a text message to most of these members that stir up living out their faith with scripture, quotes, and a different prayer request for specific days. The problem is that these messages can get lengthy for texts and when the text is sent across some phones, it is received as 1 text, and across some phones comes as 15 text messages.” He also wanted an effective mechanism for group members to provide feedback. His church is about 40 people in attendance.

The Solution: Communicating to a Medium Group

I suggested using Facebook Groups.  I use a couple of things to solve this issue at Greenwood. If I were starting from scratch though, I think I would create a Facebook Group. That is unique from your Facebook page, and functions differently. With a group you basically have a large group text going that anyone can contribute to, rather than an administrator controlled facebook page.

On my iPhone, it looks like this
facebook medium group

Then I touch GBC group leaders and see this
facebook medium group 2

Everyone gets a single notification (on their phone like a text if they’ve enabled that) on their Facebook app. That would allow you to share as much or add little as you want and for people to interact. The other benefit is that you could make it a “members only” type of thing by making it a private group. That way people inside the group are the only ones who could see the possible disagreements, and it wouldn’t be searchable on the internet by anyone.

Let me know what you think. Maybe there’s something else if you don’t like this idea.

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