As you can see I have several prayer apps on my phone to evaluate. I decided I would pick the top 5 prayer apps to recommend to you! So the list will begin with my honorable mention apps, and then count down from #5 all the way to the best app for prayer. I should mention that these are all iPhone apps. I ditched Android over Christmas break and haven’t looked back.

Two Prayer Apps that Didn’t Make the Cut

These two are high up in the appstore, but I didn’t find them that helpful. Just Pray – an app that appears to have a decent design, didn’t ever work for me. Daily Prayers is a very 90s looking sort of verse on picture app. Neither seemed worth my time. Screenshots below:




#5 Prayer App

Number five on the list belongs to the app simply called, “Pray.” The app lets people lists their requests, and then other users can click a button to show that they are praying for something. To me, the social aspect of several of these apps is a little odd. I’m not really a millenial so I don’t have to put everything on social media. Even though it isn’t for me, the social aspect of several of these apps may be appealing to you. Screenshot below:


#4 Prayer App

Number four on my list is the Pray With Me app. This one is solid. It will even allow you to look for nearby prayer requests. Although, I could not find any users nearby me. The app lets you follow other users, and track your own items for Prayer. Screenshot below:



#3 Prayer App

In my view, the third-best Prayer app is Instapray. I like the app, and especially like the “explore” feature that allows you to create groups, chat with others, and find uplifting prayers. But to me, the user experience just isn’t as simple as some of the others. Here’s a screenshot below:

#2 Prayer App

To me, the second-best app out there for Prayer lists is Ora because of the nice feature set, and the intuitive design. It really is a great app. Here’s a screenshot below:

#1 Prayer App

My top pick for prayer apps is Wunderlist. I know it isn’t a “real” prayer app. But, I can’t find a better way to quickly make lists of things to pray for. It also lets me share the list between my wife and I, or even the whole small group. So I can just have a personal list that I use, and one that I share with my small group. Here’s a screenshot:

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