I love Bible Study apps. I love when new versions come out, or when entirely new apps come out. I just enjoy trying out new approaches to Bible study. I find that it keeps my mind fresh when I study the Bible. But, most people just want a single app that they can use quickly and easily for Bible Study. I’ve even had many Seminary students ask me for software recommendations, with hopes that I would have a simple answer.

Since you saw that the title includes the words “Part 1” you probably guessed there is no simple answer regarding the best Bible Study app. But here are my most used apps.

  1. Logos – (logos.com) Think of this as your entire Christian library that can exist on your Laptop/Desktop or mobile device. I personally have quite a lot of books on the Logos software and enjoy reading them from anywhere. Admittedly, I end up using the mobile apps most frequently for Bible reading. But because you can easily bring in Greek and Hebrew on the mobile devices I REALLY enjoy Bible Study with this app. Since the software is only as good as the $$ that you spend on books/resources for the app, your mileage may vary. Also, books are full price when you buy through logos, with no discounts like Amazon has.
  2. Bibleworks – (bibleworks.com) This is something that I think advanced Seminary students would benefit from because of the robust abilities of studying in Hebrew or Greek or any other language. However, there is no mobile app, and I don’t remember if they even have a Mac version. It’s pricey and it’s really geared toward scholars, so not a great Bible Study option for most people.
  3. Youversion  – (youversion.com) Yes I’ve included the free app called youversion and the website that accompanies it (for desktop/laptop use). This is a very well done piece of software and it includes a ton of different versions and reading plans, etc. Original language study is only somewhat possible with this resource, but it is highly shareable (facebook/twitter/etc) and even allows groups to read together. For most people, this is the resource I would recommend that they use for Bible Study. New believers can benefit from finding a version that is easy to read for free, and the useful devotionals and reading plans.

I’ll talk about a few more resources in part 2 and also get into the nitty-gritty of the Logos-Bibleworks debate.

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