Katell Berthelot, Joseph E. David, and Marc Hirshman, eds. The Gift of the Land and the Fate of the Canaanites in Jewish Thought. New York: Oxford University Pr, 2014. 435 pp. $35.00.

I’ve written a review of this book for the Southwestern Journal of Theology. I will post a link to the published review when I have one. In the meantime I have shared some of my comments below.

The book has several strengths, including the fact that it does present a helpful description of Jewish thought regarding the gift of the land of Israel, thus accomplishing its purpose. The book presents nineteen chapters of careful scholarship that is well researched, and of a descriptive nature. The book is also valuable because of its attention to a uniquely Jewish perspective. Christian works on the gift of the land of Israel often deal with theological ideas and their development, but this work is descriptive in nature – analyzing ancient writings about the topic. Furthermore, the book can contribute a different perspective to readers of this journal who may not encounter Jewish thinkers on a regular basis. Since it contains contributions from many different scholars one gains insight from a variety of voices and perspectives. Each scholar gives a lengthy list of endnotes at the end of their chapter along with a bibliography.

The book accomplishes its purpose, and can be recommended as research tool for scholars and doctoral students. In terms of ministry this book could be used as a way for the minister to gain familiarity with other viewpoints.

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