I use wunderlist to manage my tasks and to do lists across all of my devices. Yes, there are lots and lots of apps you could use. Why do I use Wunderlist? I use it because its simple enough to be used as a substitute for a piece of paper, and complex enough to allow me to assign people tasks as a part of a project.

What I mean by simple is the idea of a to do list on paper. You just write stuff down and check it off as you do it. That’s exactly how I started with wunderlist. Then I started thinking, “It would be great if I could see each day’s tasks on my calendar.” Boom! You can do that with wunderlist by adding a due date to your tasks, then you can make use of the “today” view and see only the tasks you need to get done on that day. You could check the “week” view and see what your week looks like. In fact, I do that every Sunday Night when we do our weekly family meeting to plan our week. But that’s not all. If you have assigned a due date to your task, you can also integrate the tasks with your calendar by following these steps. Once I did that, I was hooked. Now I can pull up my calendar and see appointments and tasks for each day if I want. It will even give me Google Now notifications…

Then my wife and I started thinking that it would be great to be able to send each other tasks that we need the other person to do for us. You can assign a task to someone else by following these steps. Why is that important? For us, we will add things to shared lists like christmas lists for the kids as we think of things during the week. We no longer forget to mention things to each other, we just stick it on a shared list. That’s a huge help for a family of 5. She can also delegate something to me. For example,┬áif the oil change indicator comes on in her car, then she can send it to me as a task due on Saturday – when she knows I will have time to take care of it. I like it because I get a bit of notice that I will have to adjust my football viewing (or reading) to accommodate an oil change that weekend.

We also use wunderlist as a way to share prayer requests. We have a shared list that we call prayer requests, and we add things to it weekly (or daily). This way we can be sure we are both praying for important things. Another way we use this is in Small Group. I teach a Small Group and when I ask for prayer requests and talk with people, my wife inputs each request to our list. Then when we pray, she and I both have access to the completed list. This helps me give people attention while they describe issues they are facing rather than staring at a piece of paper.

So there you have it, we really enjoy using wunderlist in our family. In fact, I’m hoping to get everyone at church on board with the app so that we can make a list for each project, such as Easter Weekend, and assign tasks so that we can get a quick overview of the status of the project.

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