This book attempts to communicate the idea that mentoring should be intentionally done by a mentor, who picks the mentees. He points out that Jesus did it that way. Campbell gives personal accounts of mentoring groups of younger men in an intentional manner. He mentors a group of people meeting once a month for a year at a time. He handpicks his group based on applications in his case. His model has a clear start and end date, along with the commitment that each mentee will mentor at least one group of others down the road. He prays for his group, he communicates truth from scripture and personal experience. The context of his meetings are usually at his own house or a location of his choosing. He likes his house because it allows the mentees to get a feel for the results of the decisions he has made, and who he is as a man. Having said that, he meets additionally with guys one on one if the request it, and is open to whatever location is necessary. He commits to be prepared and expects them to prepare the assignments he gives them. Since this book was published Campbell seems to have established a new packaging for his message:

Campbell’s ideas seem to be quite useful and helpful for conceptualizing discipleship. As a model for a church to embrace, it seems inadequate. Many people wish to be involved in a small group as a couple or family, and Campbell’s model fails to address this sort of situation. I could see it working as a means of ensuring growth of leaders, but not as a church-wide plan.

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