amazon e-myth revisitedE-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, 1995

This book argues that every business owner should treat their business as a prototype for a franchise – no matter how small the business is. The book makes its case in very convincing fashion. It uses storytelling to frame all the different parts of his book together into one interesting story with many little side notes of statistics or illustrations. Gerber begins by asserting that most small business owners are not entrepreneurs but instead people who didn’t like their bosses. Then he goes on to argue that everyone exists in three business personalities: the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. A business may remain an infant business as long as the owner tries to function mainly as a technician. When a technician owner decides to get some help the business becomes an adolescent one. A mature business has an entrepreneurial perspective, and may even begin as a mature business if well planned.

He asserts that the turn-key revolution was just as big as the invention of the printing press. This revolution allows one to think of their entire business as a product. Then the local business one starts is always viewed as the prototype which one can sell to others. Taking this view of one’s business requires working on the business and not in the business.

To develop a good prototype one must decide on a primary aim for their own life first. Then one can talk about the aim of the business to fit into one’s life. Next you must make a strategic plan to measure the progress of the business. One needs to decide on an organizational strategy and management strategy next. The way the business treats people, both employees and customers is next and one of the most important parts. What is the business trying to fill or communicate to people? Once that is answered, you can work on a marketing strategy. All prototypes also need a systems strategy for dealing with everything that might come up in the business so that every little detail is treated just as the owner intended it.

In May of 2015, I’m working as Small Groups and Media pastor at Greenwood Baptist Church in Weatherford TX. I’m also an adjunct professor at SWBTS. So I’m not looking to start a business. These principles transfer easily over into my ministry. I’m looking to create a consistent look and feel across each small group in our church, so that everyone who takes part in a small group feels like they are a part of a family. I want to develop a system for brand new small group leaders to be able to follow so that they can lead a group in the way that I would personally. On the media end, I’m also looking to create a consistent look and feel that people will recognize: I want the lights and lyrics and stuff to help in the worship experience. Each individual job needs to be done with that in view.

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