phone and tableI came across an interesting article describing the way tech has disrupted 4 different industries. This article got me thinking, in what ways has technology disrupted the way churches worship, disciple or evangelize. So, I’ll deal with each of those issues in a separate blog post. Today I’ll address the way I’ve seen older models of door-knocking evangelism disrupted by technology.

The first thing that popped into my mind was the way that the internet has been filled with various opinions on belief in Christ, some good and some bad. Some people consider their ministry to be internet evangelism, and even the Billy Graham Evangelism Association considers internet evangelism to be important. Of course there are more than just websites devoted to the cause of evangelism.

Next, Youtube and Vimeo are filled with people sharing the gospel through video. Many churches create videos which receive several thousand views. My own church had a video produced from an event which we do every year to show God’s love to kids and adults with special needs in our area. We shared the video on Facebook, and as of this writing it has garnered more than 6 thousand views.

Mobile devices, and specifically mobile ads have given churches an incredible way of putting their message in front of people. We have used facebook ads and twitter ads in the build-up to our special events. It usually costs us about 2 cents to get a person to click on a piece of content. Since you can target who you send the ads toward, we know that these are people who don’t currently like our Facebook page and they live in the zip-code around our church!

These are just three simple examples. You might also imagine that podcasting has allowed the time-shifting of a worship service, a la DVR. In fact apple TV will allow many churches to put their message right into people’s living rooms. These technological advances have given the church new tools of communication that (if used properly) can aid the spread of the gospel.

The disruptions mentioned above have all had a positive effect in that they have given the Church new ways of sharing the gospel. But there is a different sort of way that technology has disrupted older methods of evangelism. Being attached to a phone at all times means that people rarely sit and just talk to strangers while waiting on something. For me, that disruption has made it difficult to share Christ with people who i don’t already know in some way.


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