I had a talk with my father in law a while back and he had me listen to a song called “analog man” which you can watch here. My father in law joked that he felt like an analog man in a digital world. He regularly converts his records to mp3s so he can listen to them in the gym on his ipod. Sometimes I wish I was more that way. It seems I am like the 70 percent of adults who deal with digital eyestrain. Technology is changing us. Recently, there has been talk of supercomputers advancing so much that one futurist claimed it wouldn’t be long before we could upload our minds. I don’ t think everyone holds that view though, because it recently came out that it takes 40 minutes for a supercomputer to model 1 second of human brain activity.

Before we get to a time like the new TV show intelligence, where people have computer connected chips in their brains, it seems we will come to the internet of things… I worry about hackers getting into my coffee pot or my razor, even my thermostat. Recently it was discovered that a hacker was using a refrigerator to send SPAM emails. Those sort of things worry me as technology advances.

I’m not completely sure that the humanity God pronounced “good” in the beginning fits with the idea of an uploaded consciousness. I’ve got to admit that concerns me. I think Christian Ethicists need to work out responses to these sorts of issues before it is a reality, not as a reaction to the reality. Thanks… shop amazon here to help me out

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