I like tech, and travel. My wife likes to be organized, and has encouraged me to do likewise. So, I’ve started working on a master tech checklist to make sure is in the bag before a trip. This weekend, I’m going to homecoming at my college, and thought I’d post my current check-list. Any comments, additions, sarcastic remarks – whatever are appreciated…

tech travel checklist links to the word document… fully editable


Cell Phone
Travel Surge Protector
USB cable for androids
USB cable for kids ipods
USB cable old iphone
Car USB charger
USB host cord android
USB keyboard
Bluetooth Mouse
Kids iPods (with edu-games and media preloaded)
DSLR w/standard zoom
Extra Battery/Charger
Extra Phone Battery
Telephoto Lens
Eye-Fi card
Camera cleaning stuff
Ethernet cable and wireless access point (leave in car unless needed)
Grid it organizer for cables/cords
Wall wart to USB

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