It seems that tech companies are on a quest to fit tech into every part of our lives. Each year, a new product “updates” an older piece of tech in your home. Phones are obvious now – people update them frequently. But what about light bulbs? LIFX smart bulbs are using crowd-funding to bring out new light bulbs. Of course other companies have similar products, but do people really want WiFi enabled light bulbs? What about smart-watches? Samsung calls its “galaxy gear” watch the next big thing.

I like the idea of new tech. I don’t know that I like the implications. Do people really need the ability to turn light bulbs on and off from a phone, or other device? I doubt it. The one application I could find for something like this would be if the bulbs had a proximity sensor, so that your phone in your pocket or purse automatically turned lights on and off as you entered a room. Of course, people staying in the room would not like it… Then there is the tracking issue – if a light bulb knows when you enter a room, so can anyone else…

Do we really need to wear something that makes the never-ending flow of information fully visible? I like putting my phone on silent and in my pocket sometimes – I feel like its put away and the world is turned off. If something was on my wrist, then I couldn’t put it away. Plus, why wear a watch when my phone is sitting mere inches away in my pocket? Its like those who use speakerphone 4 inches from their ear – why not just move it over and not use speakerphone?

In the Quest for More Tech, these two devices seem to be gimmicks. I call them gimmicks because I don’t think they have any real staying power going forward. Time will tell.


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