I read this article about old tech, well really its a video, on Cnet today. It got me thinking about old technology, and the rapid changes around us. Donald Bell thinks home printers are the tech on the way out first. I hope so too, but I don’t see it changing in the academic world. While its nice to have digital copies (for the purposes of turning in, checking for plagiarism, and storing records), the reality is that most professors and administrators are older than I am – and refuse to give up reading from paper. They don’t like reading from screens. So, for a while students will still have to turn in hard copies printed from home printers. On the other hand, I find myself using my tablet for preaching and teaching purposes. So, I rarely print out documents. I opt to use the tablet as my “paper”.

Old technology poses another problem for the Christian as well. Disposal. How do we dispose of useless technology? We could throw it away and think nothing of it. Or, we could choose to recycle as much as possible. In other places on the internet I have talked about how I think God has called us to manage creation. That fact, coupled with the idea that creation is pronounced “good”, and that creation “tells of the glory of God” causes me to want to leave the material world as untainted as possible. For me its a question of preserving the testimony of God (beauty) in creation. So, I choose to dispose of my old technology as “cleanly” as I can. For me, this usually means selling it on ebay – so that I’m not creating any waste. The upside is that I also get a little extra cash. To be sure, this is not a matter of salvation, but my own personal conviction.

Personally, I will miss the “pocket” cameras like my wife’s old Canon Elph. Those things took excellent images when compared to smartphone cameras. But, I usually only carry my phone with me. Still, I cringe when I have to take photos of something that I care about with my smartphone (I’ll take my DSLR pics any day over smartphone pics). This technological shift is more about convenience than improvement. As a matter of fact, when you think of making a tech-related purchase I’d recommend asking yourself if it will provide improvement or convenience, or something altogether new, or an upgrade. I tend to put off upgrades as long as possible because their cost to benefit ratio is lower in my opinion.

Well, I hope this short write-up helps you think about how you deal with the ever-changing world of technology as a Christian.

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