This website is Lifeway‘s jump into the fray of online bible study tools. I had friend ask me for a way to look at the definition of the original language word when studying the bible. I used to do that sort of thing back in the day on my Pocket PC (the original Compaq iPaq for those who want to know). The key is finding a bible version that uses Strongs numbers and links them to definitions of the original language. This is exactly the sort of thing can do. You just need to click on the word study tool tab on the right side of the page, and then move the cursor over any word in your bible window (middle pane).


This site is just about as user-friendly as any that I’ve seen.


This site has made a major move forward by doing one simple thing: It allows you to rent a commentary for a month for $4.99. Wow. If you are a student or a pastor who doesn’t want to spend $30-$40 (or can’t afford it) on a book, you can rent it for a month on this website. My recommendation would be to only spend money to rent or buy the HOTC or HNTC, and the NAC (both OT and NT). The others are largely available in other places on the web since they are old enough to be free of copyright.

The site also adds a “Video” tab. These are great little videos from Youtube that are tagged according to the verses they address. I can see the value for people who have not read the Bible very much.

Intended Audience:

This product is aimed at those looking for basic bible-study all the way up to trained ministers. I would not recommend this site for graduate students or Bible Professors. Something like Bibleworks is aimed at that demographic.

Mobile Compatible?

iOS 5.1 works nicely. It triggers the mobile version of the page. My Kindle Fire with the Amazon Silk browser did not trigger the mobile version and made the site pretty useless. However, that seems to be a browser specific problem. My Android phone using Dolphin Browser worked wonderfully in the mobile version of the site.

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