by Aussiegall

My choice to engage in Creation Care, or Christian Environmentalism, is not because I fear Global Warming. There are stories which point out inconsistencies in the Global Warming argument, and I anticipate more and more of this sort of data/stories. I pointed out to a University of Arizona sociologist, that my motivation for Creation Care is a scriptural motivation. Since I believe that God’s word describes the Creator of the Universe, and Earth, as handing the responsibility for the care of that creation over to humanity, I believe I should treat God’s creation in a loving manner. When I manage properties for my dad, I do it in a way that I think will please him. The same applies to how I treat the earth that I was placed in charge of (Gen 1:26; 2:15). Because of this, my motivation for engaging in Creation Care, or environmentalism, is not related at all to whether or not Human induced Global Warming (or cooling) is occurring. As an evangelical I am motivated by God’s word.

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