Here is an interesting article about the use of human genes to produce hybrid animals for scientific testing purposes. The article raises ethical questions. But, I want to raise some questions from the of theology. If God is the creator of humans and animals, and has in some way bestowed his image upon humanity, should we really mix animals and humans? I think not. This seems to be a mixing of what God has made separate. I know that these hybrid animals could be valuable for testing things, but I don’t want to give credence to utilitarian arguments. The issue of becoming a “creator” or sorts causes me to not want to sanction this sort of activity. If we are altering the genetics of the animal by implanting genetic code which could not happen through normal human controlled breeding (Jacob controlled breeding of goats, remember?), then I have to say that we are crossing the line from existing as beings which manage God’s creation to becoming beings which create new things. These things (hybrid animals) seem to be unintended in God’s creation – which is something I take very seriously.


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