I read this interesting article about how the internet has changed the way people recall information. It seems people think of the location of the information – such as keywords to enter into a search engine, rather than the actual answer to some questions. The article also suggests that people have conferred “expert” status upon the internet, such that they no longer rely on local experts – or “smart people” to answer their questions.

I have seen this work out in my own life (I know, its just anecdotal evidence). When we chose to remodel our house, we found how-to videos on the internet for each job that we were doing – then categorized them in our Firefox bookmarks and watched the relevant ones each day before starting work. If you think about it, this is a Matrix like approach where anything is learnable. The exception is that we don’t get to learn things instantly – but we can find information if we know where to look for it.

So, will the human species come to rely even more on computers in the future? Will people walk around one day with headsets for voice commands, and special eyeglasses that offer a display screen, or Augmented Reality? In actuality most smart-phones could do a lot of this today. As someone who cares about God, and his creation, I wonder about the effects of this sort of development upon us as people.

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