It seems that the drought is so bad that wildlife are abandoning their young. In fact, the mercury has risen over 100 every day in July at my house. It rained about a half-inch in early June, and before that it rained a few inches in mid-May. Because of this, I’m trying to be vigilant… Read More

So, will the human species come to rely even more on computers in the future? Will people walk around one day with headsets for voice commands, and special eyeglasses that offer a display screen, or Augmented Reality?… Read More

I had an epiphany while studying Aramaic today: I should use those Android devices for vocabulary cards, so that I can more easily access flash cards – making it more likely that I will actually do it. … Read More

Today is the 34th day this year where we have reached 100 degrees or more. Most places, summer means growing season. Right now, I’m just trying to keep things from turning completely brown and crunchy.… Read More

I’ve got an interview tomorrow with a student who is doing a dissertation on religiously motivated environmentalism. I’m excited to do it. Wish me luck. I’ll give more of a description after the fact.… Read More