About a week ago, Easter Night in fact, we had this size hail at my house.

It was big like the one on the left for about 10 minutes. About 3 minutes before that it was pea-sized. We were all in the closet, which is the safest place in the house – because we weren’t sure what was coming… After it stopped, I went outside and found this stuff. It really beat up my fence, and roof.

These storms, and then the ones in Alabama – where a Tornado that tore a path from Tuscaloosa to north of Birmingham (and dropped insulation from some poor soul’s house in my parent’s yard) – have sparked discussions about whether this is caused by global warming. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation – the environment, I’m concerned about whether this was caused by global warming or something else – like judgment for immorality. I think that these events could also be the result of the evil which is just present in the world after humanity left the garden. It is an answer I won’t get until the end.

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