The Barnett Shale natural gas field has been highly developed here in North Texas in the last several years. But, as the movie GASLAND shows, not everyone is happy about it. Some people have complained of pollution of their drinking water as a result of the drilling. The EPA recently made a ruling against a gas company that would require them to take care of providing drinking water to a few people in North Texas, because the EPA report concluded that their drinking wells were polluted as a result of drilling.

Yet, this article points out that the EPA report may be wrong. So, the state railroad commission (which is in charge of all the mineral rights in Texas) is fighting against the EPA, claiming that the gas company is not responsible. Basically this is a question of depth. The water-well is above a shallow natural gas resivore (sp?) which has leaked into the drinking water. Yet, the gas company is not operating at that depth, it is going much much deeper. So, it claims that their activities are not impacting the shallow drinking water wells.

Until this question is settled, and I hope that someone can say it is soon, I’m not sure how I feel about natural gas drilling. While it is clean-burning, it may not be a clean production process. Therefore, its cost to the environment (God’s creation) may still be high. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, I can’t get excited about an energy source that may contaminate God’s creation.

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