This is supposedly the worst drought in Texas in 44yrs. In fact at my house, not counting snow, I’ve had under2 inches of rain since the year started. I think we had about 5 total inches of snow, or the equivalent of a half-inch of rain. Not only will this be affecting food prices, but this will undoubtedly trigger a water shortage in the area. Right now people are ALREADY watering their yards (it just turned spring). I’ve been irrigating my garden just to get stuff going. If this drought pattern continues, food prices and water prices will certainly escalate around here. Lakes will drop, again. Backyard gardens, if you can water them (local restrictions will likely limit this activity) will prove useful for defraying some of the rising global food cost. This is when we need to pray for rain.

I’m writing a paper on Zech 10:1-2 in my Heremeneutics seminar. The gist of the first verse is that God brings the early and late rains. In scripture, the land’s production – and the rain/drought cycle – is represented as a metric for God’s favor on his people. I wonder if the same proves true for today?

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