Last weekend was the Southwest Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. I greatly enjoyed the time to hear new ideas, some of which I liked and some of which… I  had the opportunity to hear Daniel Treier speak on Hermeneutics (He teaches at Wheaton). Those plenary sessions were most inspiring, and even gave me some insight as to where to aim my dissertation research. He talked about theological method, and how theological interpretation opens up certain doors for writing that have been often neglected by evangelicals.

I also had the chance to hear a paper on “the Importance of Meditation in Exegesis”. For Bob Wilkin this seemed to mean that proper exegesis can only result from a spiritually enlightened interpreter. Next, Julie Waters discussed “The Intersection of Law, Theology, and Human Trafficking in the Narrative of Joseph: Linking the Past to the Present”. She is a lawyer and had some unique insights as to how to preach the story of Joseph in such a way as to aim the message at those who are targets of human trafficking. I presented a paper “Joab Commands King David” – which is a narrative/character analysis of Joab and David, specifically looking at 2 Sam 12:26-31. Then Dr. Ishwaran Mudliar presented “The Scriptural Evidence of a Global Flood”. Next, Gordon Chinamasa presented “The Settlement Process of Israel in the Highlands of CisJoradan in the LB-Iron I”. So, you can see that there were vastly different viewpoints at work in those two papers.

On Day 2 I heard a stimulating presentation by Josh Vajada “Assessing Carlson and Longman’s Plea for Theistic Evolution”. I’m going to have to read the book he was analyzing. Finally, I went to a paper by A. Boyd Luter “The Land as Covenant Backdrop: A Modest Response to Burge and Waltke”, which I thought would be related to the idea of Land and Covenant in the OT, but was really more about eschatology and land, from the viewpoint of a dispensationalist.

I enjoyed meeting some new people and reconnecting with some people that I already knew but had not seen in a while. I’m excited about the national meeting in San Francisco this coming November!

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