I did some serious landscaping over spring break this year. First off, I tilled up sections of the yard with a mid-tine tiller. Hard work,  but worth it. This is what the front looked like after tilling about 8 inches deep, before cleaning it up.

Then I was able to dig out a trench for a brick border. Then I laid a base of sand, and then put the brick in. Then I added more sand. The result looks like this…

I then cleaned out the bed and added mulch. There is still a bush that needs to be moved, but I’ve got some young country-strong boys lined up to do that.

I also created raised beds for my vegetable garden with a walkway for it so that I don’t have to mow that area. It’s a work in progress, but we were able to plant some things like lettuce, onions, peas, and spinach.

Additionally, I constructed a brick platform for my garbage can and wheelbarrow ( still need to put in the concrete footer – next weekend). I was able to add a 7X7 foot section to the patio for my grill, and put a matching boarder around the new and existing areas to tie it together…

The resulting work ended up looking like this:

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