A friend of mine emailed me today about Calvinism, and I thought the resulting conversation would make a good blog post…… Read More

Therefore, its cost to the environment (God’s creation) may still be high. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, I can’t get excited about an energy source that may contaminate God’s creation.… Read More

A friend of mine (in Japan) sent me this story because it is about a friend of his. It is an amazing story of a Japanese person who is able to find hope in God despite, or perhaps because of, the earthquake and following disasters.… Read More

This is supposedly the worst drought in Texas in 44yrs. In fact at my house, not counting snow, I’ve had under2 inches of rain since the year started. I think we had about 5 total inches of snow, or the equivalent of a half-inch of rain. Not only will this be affecting food prices, but… Read More

I enjoyed meeting some new people and reconnecting with some people that I already knew but had not seen in a while. I’m excited about the national meeting in San Francisco this coming November!… Read More