Steck, Old Testament Exegesis: A Guide to the Methodology (trans. James D. Nogalski; SBLRBS 39; 2d ed.; Atlanta: Scholars, 1998). Pp. xxiv + 202. Paper $19.95.

This is a part of the SBL resources for biblical study. It’s a pretty basic handbook sort of work, so I have elected just to list the contributions and the weaknesses.


  • Gives a good overview of Text Criticism, Literary Criticism (original coherence and consistency), Transmission Historical Approach (65-76), Redaction Historical Approach, Form Critical Approach, Tradition Historical Approach, Determining the Historical Setting.
  • Gives examples of how to do what he describes


  • The book skips out on newer literary approaches like narrative criticism, reader response criticism, deconstruction, etc. It also does not contain ideological criticism such as feminist critique or liberation theology.
  • Very wrapped up in the “historical” side of exegesis, very little (practically zero) emphasis on theology or on canonical situation.

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