Here in North Texas, we’ve had scary cold weather lately. We’ve had wind chills around -4 Fahrenheit at night the last few days. Since most of us around here have heat pumps with electric auxiliary back-ups, the electric demand has been MUCH HIGHER than normal. Because of this, there have been rolling blackouts, some of which have apparently affected hospitals. At the same time, the Super Bowl is in town this year. Many people are complaining that their home or business lost power when the stadium, and Super Bowl activities have been granted privileged status.

At the same time, I applaud local electric authorities, and the state government for keeping us from larger blackouts. In order to do this, the state of Texas has had to purchase electricity from Mexico. Its a creative solution that I’m glad authorities took. It’s funny that weather which is really only 10 degrees lower than average for this time of year can cause such problems. We’ve had no school, and many businesses have been shut down for 4 straight days. It’s all because we have ice on the roads that just hasn’t melted. We don’t have the equipment to deal with icy roads because events like this usually only happen maybe once a year, and the temperature is warm enough the next day for the ice to melt. This year, that hasn’t happened. Now we’re expecting a little snow tonight (just for good measure).

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