Starting last night (Monday Night) around midnight some thunderstorms rolled in and the temperature was about 35 degrees. As I fell asleep around 1am the temperature had dropped enough that it was starting to sleet. I was awakened several times by the sound of thunder, and sleet hitting the windows. The sound was VERY LOUD!! Then eventually the temperature was cold enough that sleet turned into thunder-snow. So I awoke in the morning to the sounds of thunder and the sights of a white lawn, roads, and rooftops.

North Weatherford on Tuesday Morning with Sub-Zero Wind Chills

Thankfully, school was canceled everywhere in the area so my wife was able to stay home today. We had some much-appreciated family fun, and I got some work done. But, the storm’s effects were not so pleasant on everyone. Airports from Dallas to Chicago were shut down at least part of the day. In fact, the storm stretched roughly 2100 miles.

View of the February 2011 Snow Storm

Yet, our family was able to have some fun and enjoy the (sort of) rare snow. Since we only get it once or twice a year, we had to take video of the historic occasion so that we’d be able to show our daughter the video later. Here it is below.

Al Gore has apparently already labeled this storm as the result of Global Warming. I think it may be a little more complex than that. This sort of event is rare, but does happen occasionally. It’s not like its the first time it has ever happened in history. Still, one wonders about the complex relationship between climate and humanity’s impact on the earth.

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