Gunkel’s work is of course one which has been of major import for the study of Old Testament. Having said that, I would probably recommend this work for someone who is a mature student – able to think critically without always being persuaded by the author. His idea of “legend” is going to be off-putting… Read More

If you think background studies are helpful for exegesis, then this book is for you. I would recommend it for Senior Undergrads and up. Educated Lay-People might enjoy it as well, since it is mainly summary format. The book is composed of eleven sections. These are: (i) the OT apocrypha; (2) the OT pseudepigrapha; (3)… Read More

I was just thinking – I’ve heard several sermons against drunkenness. I’m a Baptist… But I’ve never heard a sermon against gluttony. Based on the fact that most of the health care problems in the USA are related to obesity, it might be a good idea to preach on it!!… Read More