I read this article in the Wall Street Journal about church foreclosures. Amazingly it says that just 2 buildings were foreclosed on from 2006-2008, but since 2008 more than 200 have been in foreclosure. This amazes me. I worked for a church which built a$750k building in 2005. I’m wondering if they are going to make payments since the church attendance is much smaller now than it was then. I hadn’t thought of that place in years, until I read this article. It makes sense that churches aren’t immune to the economic woes. But, I think most churches have been hit harder than the economy in general.

If Americans have the choice between a new HDTV or tithing, most choose the TV. I go to a large church (over 1200 attenders per weekend). Yet I remember them saying how few people gave more than $500 a year. Our church needs a new worship facility, but I hope that the elders/leadership will make a wise decision and be able to avoid burdening the congregation with too much debt.

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