When comparing energy usage, people will talk about how many Kilowatt hours their home uses per month. I think that’s a good start, but what about Kilowatt hours per person? That is a real gauge of how efficient your home is. You could have an efficiency apartment, but keep the Air Conditioner running all the time and use more energy per person than 5 people living in an above average size home.

This time of the year (Fall I mean) our home uses about 750 kilowatt hours per month. We have 3 people (soon to be four) under our roof. So, that means that I use about 250 kilowatt hours per person (soon to be less). My neighbors are not exactly energy conscious, so I’m guessing they use more than that – let’s call it 800-900 (a conservative estimate) kilowatt hours. 3 neighbors are single – each with their own house, so they all use 800-900 kwhr/person each month. A college student apartment like I had in college was about as efficient as the home we have now with my wife and kid(s). According to this chart, the average North American uses 1166 kWh/person each month. You can probably get way under that if you try just a little. My average electric bill (including cold and hot months) is about 1000 kWh, so right now that means 333 kWh per person each month on average.

What do you think about measuring your usage this way? How much energy per person does your household use?

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