You might have to wait on this one to load, but it’s worth it. This past weekend, Scott Crenshaw from New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks, TX preached on what a leader looks like. After the service the church voted on elders for leadership. I hope you’ll give this one a listen and hold yourself accountable to the standards of leadership.

3 comments on “What is a Leader – Scott Crenshaw Sermon

    • @jonathan: Yes evidently so 🙂 Although one wonders how manly a leader really is, when the election of elders has the criteria of being a married guy, whose wife is also of high character, with the assumption that she will play a major part in church leadership. The desire, at least as I understand it, is for there to be a couple (two as one flesh) who occupies the “position of leadership”.

      Good observation and an important issue to raise.

  • sorry, that wasn’t the most helpful comment to make 🙂 or at least in the way I said it. It is always interesting to think how these things sound to the women in the audience though, what messages are being sent by the language and assumptions being used. Generally, men massively underestimate how oppressive such signals can be, not least because women seldom voice such feelings. And the idea that only the married (men or women) are fit for leadership is also hurtful to a significant minority, as well as being untrue. Anyway, thanks for taking my remark in a good spirit. Kudos. 🙂

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