I read in the Bible today (Mt 17:14-23) about faith. Faith is a weak point for me. Sure, I believe in God and in the saving power of Jesus Christ. That’s not what I mean. The passage in Matthew speaks of faith which can say “go and throw yourself into the sea” (speaking to a mountain) and it happens. That is what happens if one has faith as small as a mustard seed. Well, I have little faith then.

Specifically in the passage a man asks Jesus to heal a son with epilepsy. I have a brother with epilepsy and I’ve always been a little scared of asking God to heal him. You see I worry that if I pursue the matter with prayer and fasting, and he is not healed, that I will lose all faith. At the same time, if anyone should have faith – its me. God healed me from a crazy intestinal problem that made me lose 45lbs in about 5 weeks. God has always taken care of my financial needs. God has always provided me with friends I can rely on. God has given me a supportive family. I should have faith – more than a mustard seed!! But, I find myself lacking.

In the Old Testament God promised Abraham a land, and a special progeny. That promise came true hundreds of years later. God proved himself worthy of Israel’s faith. God has proven himself worthy as one to rely on. Yet, how do we really have faith in this life? I’m still working on it.

One comment on “Do you need more Faith?

  • I appreciate this. I think I avoid praying for things that are unlikely to happen. Perhaps that is my own lack of faith.

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