I read this article the other day, informing readers that Sun Chips will be stopping the “noisy bag” production. Only the Original flavor will keep the compostable bag. This was disappointing to me. I have used several of those bags in my compost pile. The cashiers at the grocery store always comment something like: “that noisy bag doesn’t bother you?”. Personally, I don’t make my choice of chips based on the container. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, the environment, I have other criteria. Are the chips healthy? Will it create waste? Sun Chips are the best answer to both of those questions. So, I will be getting the original flavor now instead of the Peppercorn Ranch.

One comment on “No More Compostable Sun Chips Bags

  • yeah, i saw that too and consider it a shame. we joked about the bags around my home, where i might squeeze the bag a little extra just to amply the dreadful sound lol, but really it hasn’t been an issue b/c i’ve been amazed that they produced a bag that composts down. too bad they’re keeping it across their line.

    on the other hand, i’m sure they have to count their bottom dollar too. if (i say “if” b/c i don’t really know) people are really ceasing to buy their product b/c the bags, i understand that they have to make a change to survive. still, shame on us consumers. we should be buying their product instead of other chips, despite the noise, to support what they’re trying to do.

    but to look at it more positively, it’s progress. small steps toward more tries (Lord willing).

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