Is this the "Average American"?

This article points out how the average American does not have any idea what the hole in the Ozone layer does, or if a harsh winter is a sign of global cooling. I think it’s at least interesting that most people don’t know that warm ocean temperatures can cause coral bleaching (or even what that is). But, really do average people need to know? Perhaps in a pure democracy the answer would be yes. If each policy decision was put to a popular vote, then yes everyone would need to know the terms and the parameters of the issues. Yet, America is a representative democracy. So, those officials that we vote for (some of them November 2nd!!) actually make the votes and decisions on things like climate change – they are the ones who need to know the vocabulary of the debate. The “average American” (whatever that is) only needs to know if they favor economic freedom over environmental protection, or the other way around (though they are not always mutually exclusive).

If Christians who care about the environment, God’s creation, would just decide to vote for people who want to make as little impact on the environment as possible, then they would be doing their conscious duty. It would then be up to the politician who took office to live up to those expectations. Whether or not they are perceived to live up to people’s expectations should guide the next election, and so on. In this manner, the “Average American” does not need to know all the details on every issue – they just need to know the over-arching ideology of who they are voting for.

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